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International Winner-Supreme Grand Champion
My Blue Heaven of Rockcreek aka Lance 

Lance at almost 2 years of age and 20 pounds of love!
Blood Type A - HCM DNA Positive Het
Blood Type A-Now retired

Lance is not only gorgeous, but very loving and mellow. He is a blue bicolor. He is not only very loving,  but an excellent example of the Ragdoll breed, which is why he ended up as #1 Ragdoll in the world! At almost 2 years of age, Lance is now 22 pounds. He has phenomenal type, ear set, eye color, boning, coat texture, eye shape, and size. He is the entire package!

Lance earned his Supreme Grand Champion at 8 months of age!
2007 TICA #1 Ragdoll Cat Internationally!
2007 TICA #1 Blue Point Bicolor Cat Internationally!
2007 TICA #11 LH Cat Internationally
2007 19th Best TICA Allbreed Cat Internationally!
2007 Best Ragdoll Cat in TICA Southwest Region!
2007 3rd Best Allbreed Cat in the TICA Southwest Region!
2007 2nd Best LH Cat in the TICA Southwest Region!
BEST CAT-5th International Ragdoll Congress, October 13-15, 2006 
2007 #1 Ragdoll Cat in Ragdoll Breed Fanciers Worlwide!
2007 #1 Ragdoll Cat in Ragdolls International!
2007 2nd Best Ragdoll Cat Ragdoll Fanciers Club International 

Lance has received over 120 finals thus far in his adult show career!!!

Rockcreek Cary Grant
Rockcreek Shooting Star aka Hailey x RockNRags Heartbreaker
HCM DNA Negative-Blood Type A
Blue Point Bicolor

 This is our absolutely stunning blue bicolor boy,  Cary Grant. He is from our beautiful blue bicolor girl, Hailey (a Cupie daughter), and a seal bicolor male Rocky, who is son of Tiki, and grandson to our International Winner, Lance. This boy has it all! He has the most beautiful head that you could ever ask for in a Ragdoll, with the most stunning eye color, beautiful profile, and strong chin. He has a large, long body, strong boning, and beautiful coat. We are thrilled to have Grant as one of our stud males.

Rockcreek Love On The Rocks aka Rocky
Rockcreek Cary Grant x Rockcreek Sparkling Rose
HCM DNA Negative-Blood Type A
Blue Lynx Point Bicolor-now retired

We are very pleased to introduce our new stud male from Grant and Sparkle. We had a terrible time deciding to keep Rocky, since he was related to Grant, but size and temperament, and those deep blue eyes won out. Rocky is 15 pounds at 8 months, and is such a sweet, gentle giant. We are going to continue to watch him grow, and if he continues to develop as incredible as he is now, you will be seeing his babies, very soon!

Teddy Ragavelt of Rockcreek
HCM DNA Negative-Blood Type A
Now Retired

We are very pleased to finally be able to add Teddy to our Kings page. Teddy is a sweet seal mitted male weighing in at 23 pounds of love at nearly two years of age. In addition to his incredible size, he has massive boning, great ear set, wonderful type, with that great Ragdoll coat. He is definitely a gentle giant that is a loving part of our family.

aka Trevor

Trevor at almost 7 months of age

Rockcreek Whole Lotta Love aka Trevor
HCM DNA Negative-Blood Type A

This is our blue mitted boy named Trevor. He is one well built Ragdoll boy, and we are thrilled to be adding him to our breeding program. In addition to his size, he has the most phenomenal head with those eyes like Paul Newman. He purrs from dawn until dusk, and wants to snuggle in between the sheets with you at night. You will never be alone, with Trevor in the house.


Rockcreek Paul Newman
Rockcreek x Koc Pol Cat Marlon Brando
HCM DNA Negative-Blood Type A
Blue Point Bicolor

In the spirit of our other leading men, we are thrilled to introduce our baby Paul Newman at 4 months old. Newman is the most adorable, squishy, laid back baby that you could ever want in a Ragdoll baby. He has very heavy boning, a wide head, dark blue eye color, full muzzle, and a beautiful ear set. He is a baby that we couldn't let go of, so he is staying here with us!


Sunny as a baby

USAPurrs Sunshine Kid of Rockcreek
HCM DNA Negative
Blood Type A
Seal Mitted

This adorable little guy is Sunny. He is a very sweet and playful boy from Bri DeFoe of USA Purrs ragdolls in Florida. Sunny has gotten better and better as he has matured. He has a beautiful head with dark blue eyes, good boning, and a long body. He just bred our stunning Kasey, so we are very excited to see what he will produce. Thank you Bri!


Rockcreek Brownie Finale
USADolls Just In Time x Rockcreek Kelsey's Legacy
HCM DNA Negative-Blood Type A
Seal Point Mitted

Regional Winner-Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Piece of Cake][ of Rockcreek aka Kelsey
Seal Bicolor
Blood Type A - HCM DNA Negative

RW and Supreme Grand Champion at 10 months!
Best Ragdoll Kitten 2006 TICA SW Region!
Best Seal Point Bicolor Cat 2006 TICA!
2007 Best LH Cat in TICA SW Region!
2007 #9 Ragdoll Cat in Ragdolls International!
2007 #10 Ragdoll Cat in Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide!

2007 16th Best Ragdoll Cat in Ragdoll Fanciers Club Int'l
2nd Best Ragdoll Kitten Internationally in 2006  TICA!
 Best Ragdoll Kitten Ragdoll Fanciers Woldwide 2006
8th Best Ragdoll Cat in RFCI and RFW in 2006! 
8th Best Long Hair Cat SW Region! 

Kelsey's eyes are the deepest blue, her fur is the softest, and her personality is relaxed and loving. We showed her during last years show season, with phenomenal success. Kelsey was the first cat that really thrived on showing, and we had a wonderful time showing her during the show season.

Rockcreek Shooting Star aka Hailey
Riterags Teddy Ragavelt x Rockcreek Tiny Dancer
HCM DNA Negative
Blood Type A

Hailey is a beautiful blue bicolor female from Cupie and Teddy. She is huge! She has the best type head from her grandma Katie, and her mama Cupie, mixed with the great size of her daddy Teddy. Her eye color is just stunning. She has a wonderful loving personality, and she is a wonderful mother. She has it all! She is the mother of our Cary Grant. She is one of our biggest females at 14.5 pounds. We love our Hailey, very very much. Hailey will retire in 2014.

Chloe at 4 months of age

Echoglen Chloe of Rockcreek
Blue Point Bicolor
Blood Type A - HCM DNA Negative

Chloe is a beautiful blue bicolor. She is the mother of Rockcreek Justin, that is now being shown by Laura and Kris Neilsen. Chloe is also the mother of Courtney and Missy. Chloe has wonderful type, great boning, and the deepest blues eyes that you would ever want to see. She is a wonderful mother, and makes absolutely stunning babies. Thank you Laura from Echoglen for this Ragdol


Blood Type A - HCM DNA Negative
Sire: CH Koc-pol cat BLUE KING
Dam: Koc-pol cat SLEEPING BEAUTY
Now Retired

This is Marlon Brando from Koc Pol Cat in Poland. He has outstanding type, with a beautiful head, profile, and beautiful eye color. He has the most luxurious coat that you could ever imagine. His temperament is the most perfect Ragdoll laid back, loving nature. We are looking forward to welcoming this stunning boy in to our home, and our breeding program. Thank you Monika, for sharing Marlon Brando with our family.

TICA CHAMPION Rockcreek Candle In The Wind aka Windy
Ragtimeblues Casey x Riterags Kiss Me Kate of Rockcreek
HCM DNA Negative-Blood Type A

This is our seal lynx bicolor Windy. She is from Casey and Katie. She is a very lovable girl with excellent size and great type. She is a very big girl who loves to eat. She loved being in front of the camera, and loved being in the show halls too. Windy has it all. She has beauty, temperament, and is a wonderful mother.

Amy as a kitten...

TICA CHAMPION Rockcreek All American Girl aka Amy
HCM DNA Negative-Blood Type A

This is our seal mitted female Amy. She is a big girl with a great head, strong muzzle and chin, stunning blue eye color, beautiful ears, and a lovely clear coat, with contrasting point color. She is also very very sweet, wanting to snuggle both day and night. She did very well in the shows halls at her debut show.


Rockcreek Pretty Woman aka Julia
HCM DNA Negative
Blood Type A

This is our seal tortie bicolor. She has it all: size, boning, type, eye color, and a sweet as kisses personality. No "tortitude" for Julie. She was quite the lady at her first TICA show. She will be entering adult class, later this year. We love this beautiful young lady and are happy that she is in our program.

TICA CHAMPION Rockcreek Blow Me A Kiss
Seal Point Mitted at 5 months of age
Blood Type A - HCM DNA Negative

Kissee is an incredible girl. She is the daughter of Courtney and Flyer. Her name describes her to a tee. She is the most affectionate girl that I have ever owned. She loves to snuggle with you all night long, kissing you whenever she is awake. She loves to tend to any kitten younger than herself, whenever they are near. Her stunning navy blue eyes are simply spectacular.

Rockcreek Sharp Dressed Man aka Buddy
Seal Point Mitted
Blood Type A - HCM DNA Negative

This is our beautiful Buddy. He was the son of Courtney and Teddy. A more loving boy, you will never meet! He was in our breeding program for a little less than a year, and is now retired to live a life being spoiled and without hormones. He was a combination of our nicest lines, and we loved the contribution that he made to our breeding program.



RW QGC Rockcreek Make Me A Star

RW QGC Rockcreek Make Me A Star
Rockcreek Fly Me To The Moon x Rockcreek Take My Breath Away

This is Star our beautiful seal bicolor girl. Isn't she just stunning? This girl has it all! She has great size, boning, head type eye color, and personality too. She just swept the TICA shows, winning Best Ragdoll Kitten, and is now beating all the big boys in adult class. We are sure that she will get better and better with age. Despite only being in the show halls a very short time, Star was #1 Ragdoll Cat in the Southwest region. She will carry on the Rockcreek legacy. We love you Star!

Celestrail Pennies From Heaven of Rockcreek aka Penny
Blue Point Mitted
Blood Type A - HCM DNA Negative

Penny is a lovely blue mitted female. She has wonderful size, boning, type, and a luxurious Ragdoll coat. She is definitely a lady. She is a terrific addition to the Rock Creek Ranch breeding program. We wish to thank Lynne Chmelar of Celestrail Ragdolls for this wonderful girl.

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