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 Some letters and emails from Rock Creek Ranch Ragdoll kitten buyers...




Hi Jane,

don't think it is possible for me to put into words how grateful we are to you for raising such lovable babies that we adore so much. Oliver and Tommy are not only a tremendous blessing to our family, but also to each other. They are the sweetest, most loving and BEAUTIFUL boys and we are just in LOVE! Everyone who comes over wants to take them home with them. They've never met a stranger. They are instant best friends with anyone who walks through the door. They are confident little guys! My kids carry them around like they are their babies. My 3 year old loves to push them around in her toy stroller and they just go along with it. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to raising the best ragdoll kitties around! 


The Boyd Family (Spring 2014 and kitten #2)

WE ARE SO IN LOVE!!!!!! He is the best kitten! He has the absolutely sweetest personality. He has really taken to my 3 yr old. He just kisses and kisses! We are just blown away! You and Oliver surpassed our expectations and left us so extremely blessed. I wish there was more that I could do to express my gratitude than a simple thank you. We are very happy!!!!

The Boyd Family
May 2013


 Hi Jane,

 The love that this dog and cat have for one another is a special gift for us to watch. That spooning occurs every single night. Mickey and I have decided to just move to one of the kids rooms and give them our bed!  Of course you can put pics of the angels on your website. I'm disappointed for you that they do not depict how truly gorgeous and outrageously magnificent Einstein is. I took these right after his haircut.  He is the quintessential ragdoll in every way. Big big boy with such beauty and grace.  His disposition, to die for, sweet and gentle giant! And Albert is still cute cute cute and busy busy busy. If he were a human he would be in the Vaudeville Circus with a top hat and cain singing I'm Here To Entertain You! Of course, they are still the highlight of our lives. If i've said it once, i've said it 100 times, "We had no idea the sheer joy these two boys would add to our lives".  

Big Hugs,

Jodie M. 
May 2013
Del Mar, CA.



Hi Jane,

Nana is an angel. She is so lovely and all of my family members love her so much. She plays with her brothers everyday, and purrs everyday. She eats alot of food everyday too. I love to take pictures of her because she is very beautiful, especially her blue eyes. Thank you so much for sending this beautiful angel to me.


Audrey Y.
Hong Kong
March 2012


Hi Jane,

We are absolutely in LOVE.  We couldn't ask for more loveable, beautiful babies.  We appreciate all of the love and special attention you give them.  It is truly a testament to what a wonderful mommy you are to all of your cats.  This is why they become such bundles of love!  We are so happy and our family is truly complete now that we have Sabrina and Brinkley in our lives.  We thank you for giving us our little ones.  We thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of the kittens in their new home!

The Bertch Family
May 2012

Hi Jane,

 May 2013

Carina, Jeanette, and Mister McDreamy

Hi Jane,

He is here, and we are so happy. Let me tell you a story, we are already in love with him. He is just so amazing, sweet, and loving. A really, really, sweet boy. He keeps looking at you with a look of trust. It is so great to see that. He doesn't stop purring and cuddling. Thanks again. Thank you for the great job that you did with him. He is just so well socialized. Amazing to see that. We are in love!

Carina and Jeanette
The Netherlands
September 2012

Dear Jane,
Here is our newest little President Theodore Roosevelt, is a dream. He gives all of our family so much love. We all adore him, even Queen Cleopatra. He as is divine as you descibed him. Thank you for all that you did to meticulously provide for him. It seems clear that he was extremely well cared for, and handled constantly.
We continue to be over the moon with him Jane. Thank you so much!
Kami W.
St. Louis, MO.
August 2012
Dear Jane,

We arrived home a short time ago, and we wanted to send an email right away to express our gratitude for our most beautiful, sweet kittens!! We feel so fortunate to have become owners of Rock Creek Ranch ragdolls. They already seem to know they are in a safe place and they even sense our dog's welcome, too. They will bring our family such joy!

It was just last Saturday that we contacted you--we are very grateful that you got these little darlings ready for us just one week later. A heartfelt THANK YOU.

We'll be in touch with some pictures, and to let you know how they are doing...

Until then, big hugs and many thanks from the Fenleys!

Yours truly,

Claudina, Jeff, Alexa and Calista
August 2012 

Rockcreek Happy

Dear Jane,

I Happy is doing very well. He is getting along with my other Ragdoll Misty. My daughter is crazy about him. He is so good. Happy is adorable! I love him so much. He's very spoiled. We give him lots of hugs and kisses. Thank you for the beautiful kitten!

New York
April 2012

Hi Jane,

Thank you so much! Melman is exactly the sweet, loving kittesn that you described. Me and Joshua love him. Last night I kept my bedroom door closed to limit Melman to just my room. Joshua placed hus mattress on the floor of my room so he could also be with Melman. I have a litter box, water, wet food, and scratching pad in my room for him. Melman took to is immediately, and used the potty as he was trained by you. This morning I allowed him access to the rest of my large house. He explored and is now taking a nap near our couch. He is so very loving. He is the best.

I will be telling everybody I know about you and your wonderful Kittens. Perhaps I will be able to send some more business your way.

Thanks again,

Tuscon, Arizona
June 2012


Foti's First Birthday

Hi Jane,

I finally got some new pictures of the girls this morning and they came out great! I posted them on facebook also. Our little Cassie just turned 1 year old on Sunday!!!! We just adore them both sooooo much. Thanks for making our home so loving with our little girls:)

Love, Karen
April 2012

Rockcreek Leo

Hi Jane,

No words to describe how beautiful this incredible blue mitted boy has become! His name is Leo. He is stunning! I walk him, and people stop their cars to take photos! His personality is so warm, and friendly, it's absolutely charming! He rules my world.

There's a kitten on your site, that I'm very interested in. Buddy, Jr. He's at the top of your list, and I know he'll surely go to a top breeder. If, by any chance, that doesn't happen, I'd like you to consider selling him to me. Just keep that thought, on the back burner.

Isn't Leo gorgeous? Check out that perfect little blaze, on his forehead. He's a wonderful, and constantly entertaining companion. (He loves sleeping in big bowls, and bathroom sinks.)

Mark L.
Corona Del Mar, CA.

Harlow and Laura

Hi Jane,
I know you have been speaking with Jason but I never got to thank you Harlow. He has changed my life. He is wonderful, the most amazing, beautiful, fun, sweet, smart, friendly little cat ever. He was meant to come home with us! We want to send you pictures of Harlow.

thanks again
March 25, 2011

Happiness to be blessed with another one of your precious Ragdoll kittens. Thank you for all of the help that you gave Laura and Jason. I will be back in a few months for another one.

Harlow was a quiet and well behaved boy all the way home. He is doing great. He has already bonded to his new mommy and daddy. Sitting with them on the couch, and waiting to be petted. He snuggled with them all night long, purring away.

I know exactly what I want the next time: a sweet baby doll face, very affectionate and on you. You need to keep breeding these sweet babies, and make me one of those.

Thank you for everything,

Barbara N.
Camarillo, CA.
March 2011

Casey, Jazzpurr, Angel, Lucy

I purchased my first Ragdoll from Jane at Rock Creek Ranch Ragdolls in the summer of 2007 to keep me company in my new retirement from 40 years teaching kindergarten. I was so thrilled and happy with "Casey", my blue point bi-color ( who now weighs 18 lbs.) that I purchased another Ragdoll from Jane...a beautiful seal lynx bi-color named Angel. They have been so very loving, and very very healthy. The only time that I have to take them to the vet, is for their well cat check-ups.

As time passed, I have added 3 more beautiful Ragdolls to my family from Jane. They are so healthy and well-socialized...just a joy to have in my life. And...if I happen to have any questions, all I have to do is pick up the phone and Jane will answer any and all my concerns. I have called her many, many times with all sorts of questions, and she has given me the help and advice that I have needed. 

You may be able to purchase a kitten for less money, but you won't get the health, quality, and sweet temperament that you will find with Rock Creek Ranch Ragdolls, who are raised without cages and have free run of the house. Her house is imaculate. I can understand why she is so busy. she is taking care of all of her babies! You won't be sorry...it's worth the wait. Also, my Ragdolls are the best investment I have ever made. They are just adorable!

Linda H.
Orange, CA.
January 2011



Dear Jane

I just wanted to let you know that Monkey Face is happy and doing well in his new home. And! He has a name! We settled on Disco because he gets really hyper right as we are going to bed and my boyfriend commented the first night: 'He's going to the cat disco'.

He is soooo sweet and so playful. You were right about those springs! He LOVES them! He was playing with one yesterday and knocked it under a bookshelf where he couldn't reach it any more. And he sat there are cried and cried and cried until my boyfriend got it out for him.

By the way, I am a complete nerd and started a blog for him:


Hope all is well with you!

Nina E.
Hollywood, CA.
April 5, 2011

 We purchased two beautiful kittens from Jane at Rock Creek Ranch Ragdolls and couldn't be happier! Jane was very helpful from the very beginning and still is. We had a lot of questions and she answered every one of them. She is still more than willing to give advice after the purchase. We have called her lots of times, and no matter how big or small, she has helped us with out concerns. As a new cat owner, this was very important to us.

Our little girls are healthy and beautiful and love being around people!

I am so glad we found Jane at Rock Creek Ranch Ragdolls!!!

Remember you get what you pay for and I would rather spend the money on healthy cats and not on vet bills.

Thank you Jane for everything!!!

Kelly T.
Visalia, CA.
December 2010

Cassie and Chloe

Hi Jane,

How are you. The pictures of the kitties on your web site make us want more!!! They are sooo cute. I took this picture of Chloe and Cassie in a dark hall the other night. It isn't the best picture but I wanted to show you how they hang out together and how much color Cassie is starting to get. They still play together all the time. We just adore them to pieces. Hope everything is good with you guys. You will be very busy the next few months with new kitties on the way. Take care.

Karen L.
Scottsdale, Arizona
March 2011

I just bought a Ragdoll from Jane two months ago and it was THE BEST decision I have ever made! 

I got to Jane's house to pick up the kitten I completely understood why she is as busy as she says. There is not one cage in her house! These cats are raised in such a great home and they get constant care and attention. Jane charges more than other breeders because she invests more into her cats than other breeders.

I encourage everyone to spend the extra money and get a cat from Rock Creek Ranch. Once I did get the cat, Jane has been there for all my questions and concerns.

What stood out the most to me was that Jane knows the personality and little quirks of each and every cat she has. She truly loves them and loves breeding. I'm sure this probably sounds like she paid me to write a review but believe me, this is my honest opinion.

The kitten is so well socialized, behaved, and healthy. He was raised with a dog and many other cats so nothing scares him. He loves the vacuum, doesn't hide from the blow dryer, loves playing in water, and is just the most amazing kitten I've ever seen.

Alia A.
Irvine, CA.
November 20, 2010

Craig and Jane,

I want to tell you how wonderful your babies are that we got from you. They are turning three years old this week, and we couldn't be more thrilled. They are big and beautiful, and never leave our side. Now that I am retired, I am spending a lot of time here at home. Coco and Tommy love this. They healp me in the kitchen when I am making meals, they help me when I am ansering my emails, and they are on top of me at night when I sleep.

Did I ever tell you how much they love to eat? Tommy is 24 pounds, and Coco is 15 pounds. I took them to the vet last week for their yearly check up, and the vet said that they are just perfect. All of the girls in the office wanted to take them to their homes, and not give them back to me! LOL I won't let them go!

I am enclosing a picture of the two of them, so you can see just how beautiful they are. I took these pictures right after their bath. The groomer said that they both just sat there, and purred away as they gave them the bath.

Thanks again for the adorable babies. I don't know what my life would be without them. I appreciate all of the hard work that goes into raising these beautiful Ragdolls, and am so glad that I have two of your babies to call my own.

I hope that all is well with you and Craig.

Love from Tommy, Coco, and Steph
Sacramento, CA.
September 2010


Hi Jane,

This kitten rocks! I just wanted to say thank you, again, for this amazing little guy!

I like to take my time, with the naming, to try to get to know the personality of the kitten.

So, no name yet, but he's certainly made himself a welcome addition, to my household! Leo just loves him - I caught him washing the kittens' face this morning. Leo is still giving me a hard time, but I think he's accepting the situation, as the natural progression of things. I know he loves the playmate, and this little dude can hang tough - no fear! They play at a very intense level. It's quite remarkable, to watch.

He seems so comfortable, that I'm going to try to fit him in his walking harness, tomorrow. He adjusted to his collar, right away.

He's so affectionate, as you told me, but has been even more affectionate, than I had imagined. He'll be well loved, here.

Anyway, you see how happy I am!

Thanks, again!

Laguna Beach, CA.
April 17, 2011


 Hi there!

Oh my I am in total love with "Hugo". He brings everyday or my day joy. He is the funniest little guy. Molly & Mya, and Hugo are best buds. We even brought him over to my families place and they have puppy dogs...he just made himself at home on their bed. He had his first bath tonight...wasnt exactly sure at first them went with it.. not a huge fan...but his passive personnality just goes with the flow. I cannot say thank you anymore. My search is over with results I never ever expected in a cat. He is truly amazing...and my best friend. He is my casanova...what a lover...full of many many kisses but I cant take all the benefits from it...He seems to love the world..kisses all around! We have taken a ton of pictures...so that is a good thing you never get bored of seeing him.. Its great to stay in touch anyways...you can see him grow. He is spoiled like you wouldnt believe. Has to have the best of the best!! He is a hit where ever he goes ( as we take him everywhere) I brought a fancy little bag for him to come everywhere... We take the girls (dogs) everywhere we go...so theres no reason why he cant either.. haha..
I havent had the chance to talk to you as Chris was so excited to find me my perfect kitten...what a mission...and completed with flying colors!!!
You will love all the photos...We are trying to make them smaller...Chris said he tried to send some awhile ago and it didnt work.... I will take a look..woman always seem to figure the things that men can't..haha

Again, Thank YOU! He is very much loved. He is the reason I wanted a ragdoll.

Take Care, and we will stay in touch..I'll work on the photos... If it doesnt work from his email..I will send from mine.

I wasnt sure if you had facebook...but we do ..and we have pictures up.

Vancouver, BC
December 2009
Purrs from Hugo!!

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