Kitten Questionnaire

If you are interested in one of our kittens/cats please fill out our Kitten Questionnaire form

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Are you prepared for the financial responsibility of owning and caring for a kitten/cat

Are there children in the home? Ages?

Other animals? Breed? Temperament?

Why do you want a Rock Creek kitten or cat?

Can you describe your daily family routine?

Do you promise that your cat/kitten will be indoor only?

Do you promise not to declaw?

Are you interested in one or two kittens?

Would you like pet, show alter, or show breeding kitten?

What color and gender are you looking for? Are you open to other possibilities?

What is the best way to contact yo? Do you have a time preference?

Delivery: How will you pick up you kitten/cat? Local pick-up, Airport pick-up, or Courier airport to airport in cabin delivery?


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