Our Ragdoll Queens

Presenting our Beautiful Queens 


Rockcreek Simply Irresistible aka Pippy
HCM DNA Negative-Blood Type A
Blue Point Bicolor-High Mitted

We have always had big, beautiful babies from Hailey. That wasn’t anything new, but Pippy has taken big and beautiful to a new level. Pippy is almost 6 months old, and weighs 10 pounds! There are not many boys that weight that much at such a young age. In addition to being absolutely stunning, she is incredibly sweet. She will go anywhere do anything, and you will hear her purring the entire time.


 Rockcreek Little Miss Perfect aka Kelsey
Rockcreek Whole Lotta Love x Riterags Piece of Cake
HCM DNA Negative-Blood Type A
Seal Point Bicolor-High Mitted

This is one of Kel sey’s babies from her final litter. We named this seal bicolor girl Little Miss Perfect, because she is just the most adorable little kitten that we have ever seen. She is a carbon copy of her mama. She went to her first show in April, and she had a wonderful time. We are looking forward to showing both girls this year in TICA. The last picture is Baby Kelsey at 11 months. She is simply striking!

Rockcreek Copacabana
Darlinlildolls Jimi Hendrix x Rocknrags Mandy of Rockcreek
HCM DNA Negative-Blood Type A
Seal Point Mitted

This beauty is from Mandy’s first litter of all mitteds. Each kitten in this litter was a beauty, so we couldn’t resist with this girl. Her name is a Barry Manilow song, just like her mama. It came about because each time I looked at her, she made me smile. Lola’s personality is the typical sweet and mushy baby, just like all of our kittens. Spring 2015, will be her first litter of kittens.

Rockcreek Little Miss Daisy Doll
Rockcreek Love On The Rocks x Rockcreek Little Miss Tiger Lilly
HCM DNA Negative-Blood Type A
Blue Lynx Bicolor

Daisy is an amazingly beautiful blue Lynx bicolor female. Her stunning blue eyes, are truly captivating. She is super sweet, and is one of the best mamas, in our home. Her babies are incredibly beautiful, and are just as sweet as their mommy.

RagDelight Amelie of Rockcreek
Darlinglildolls Hercules x Naorahdolls Pandora
Blood Type A – HCM DNA Negative

Amelie is from our very, very dear friends Alice and Alain Saille in France. To say that Amelie has a beautiful head is an understatement. She is just striking to look at. Her eyes are so blue, it is mesmerizing. She is very sweet, and loves to hang out in the kitchen to see what we are going to prepare next. She has a nice long body, perfect bunny coat. Amelie is a wonderful addition to our breeding program. We are so thankful to Alice and Alain for this wonderful lady!

Marlcreek Sweet Krislynn
Rydersrags Mr Lincoln x Marlcreek Just a Kiss
HCM DNA Negative
Blood Type A

When you see Krislynn running around the house, the first thing that you think of is PERSONALITY. She is spunky, confident, and loves to head butt you, then fall over purring, just begging for a belly rub. She is a very typey girl, with lots of coat, and lots of love. We are thrilled to have her, and are thankful to Char of MarlCreek Ragdolls in Canada, for allowing us to love her. We really look forward to seeing what she produces in her kittens.


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